Monday 16 February 2015

The Sludgelord News: Pyre Climber, No Fun Intended and Big Spaceship Present... Monolord, Salems Pot, BongCauldron + Groak

Pyre ClimberNo Fun Intended and Big Spaceship Present...

The Pyre Climber (Doomed Threads) Launch Party w/
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Formed in 2013, this band is made up of Swedish rockers Thomas Jäger, Esben Willems, and Mika Häkki. Both Jäger and Willems were in the Swedish boogie rock band Marulk and started Monolord as a side project as a way to play some more heavier tunes, they quickly added Häkki (from The Grifters, Don Darlings, ex Rotten Sound) and realized that they had something very special between the 3 of them. Monolord became very real very quickly and recording commenced in early 2013. Thomas
Jäger had not sung in a band before this one, but you would never know it by the sound of it. Having met EasyRider Records head honcho Daniel Hall over instagram in May of 2014 when the record was ready to listen to, EasyRider was one of the first that it was sent to and picked up the band immediately after hearing the finished album that will come out worldwide on April 1, until then you will have to sit tight with this first offering of pure hellfire of unrestrained heavy doom that has the ability to shatter windows and put people into an induced coma.

Salem's Pot
Following in the footsteps of the sprawling and self-indulgent jam albums of the early 1970s, over three tracks of swirling heavy psych …lurar ut dig på prärien offers the listener little chance of escape. Summoning the writhing sounds of demon fuzz and distant death knells the opening swell of ‘Creep Purple’, a 14 minute purge of lo-fi garage metal riffs and lysergic comedown finds Salem’s Pot setting out their stall from which to peddle the darkest of doom.

Loose, low slung and inspired by the legends of Sabbath and the extended jams of Hawkwind ‘Dr Death’ and the pounding ‘Nothing Hill’ complete the unholy trinity of tracks replete with lyrics that propel the listener into worlds unknown. Atmospheric realms populated with weed and witches in a reality as miserable and malevolent as it mind-bending and majestic.

Since their formation in 2011, BongCauldron have developed a reputation on the local Leeds metal scene as a sleeping colossus. A beast that only ever awakens from its slumber when called upon to thrash out a cacophonous amalgamation of torturous sludge metal, old school thrash-pit discord and homegrown haze.

In full flow, the band is relentless. Having shaken gig-goers to the core in support of bands like Sunwølf, Windhand and Pilgrim this past year, their self-titled EP and first outing into the wilderness comes under the watchful eye of the St Albans based Superhot Records. In their quest to, “Bring you the best from all ends of the underground heavy music spectrum” the label has been responsible for bringing listeners indispensible releases by Trippy Wicked & The Cosmic Children of The Knight, Groan, Vodun and Stubb.

Brand new Leeds doom outfit made up of ex/current members of Wiht, Khuda, Suffering Mind, The Day Man Lost, Wizard's Beard, Cattle and a bunch more. Pessimistic, bleak and slow.
(watch this space)


It will also be the Pyre Climber launch party so expect plenty of high quality doomed threads, competitions and more. By the looks of it we'll have our second line on sale and maybe even a couple of completely exclusive prints!

Poster by Steve Myles