Saturday 21 February 2015

Path Of Might - S/T (Album Review)

Path of Might cover art

Album Type: Album
Date Released: 05th February 2015
Label: Self Released

'Path Of Might' DD track Listing

1.Mountain of Flowers & Fruit 06:30
2.Boar Cult Blues 05:32
3.The Trespasser 07:00
4.Into the Fold 11:25

Path of Might is

Spencer- Guitar/Voice
Derek- Bass
Adam- Drums


Spencer and Derek used to play in Sludge/Stoner Metal band – White Fire – that I raved highly about back in 2013. Well that band has now gone the journey but Spencer and Derek have formed this heavy as hell Psychedelic Nightmarish Sludge Metal offering – Path Of Might.

If you're into ISIS, Neurosis, Mastodon, Intronaut and Crowbar then these hard-rocking riffsters will appeal to you in a big way. Path Of Might are more chaotic than White Fire but it's cool to see the guys more crazy with their music. Their debut S/T EP is one loud exercise in violent moods and progressive metal riffs. Opening track – Mountain Of Flowers & Fruit – shows you what Path Of Might are all about. Intelligent Atmospheric Sludge/Post-Metal vibes combining with the more fast-paced Stoner Metal riffs. The vocals are of a more shouted/grunt style of vocals that suits the music really well.

Though it's the music that's the main attraction here as the guys prove they have something different about them. These guys play FAST and I mean really fucking FAST!!!. Especially on 2nd track – Boar Cult Blues – that brings back memories of early Mastodon in their musical prime. Though Path Of Might stand on their own convictions to prove they are worth giving a damn about. When they venture into into the realm of slow-paced progressive psych rock , these guys turn into something else. The music becomes quite intense and emotional which I didn't expect at all.

The final two tracks – Trespasser and Into The Fold – make up 18 mins of the albums 30 minute plus running time. This is where Path Of Might throw caution to the wind and let rip with some of the albums finest and heaviest crazy riffs that goes through many different musical genres. Just enjoy the ride as it makes for some of the most exciting 18 minutes you will hear all year.

Path Of Might's S/T debut album is a thrilling debut album. I hope there's more to come from Path of Might in the future as they have created something special here. I want to hear more as I was slowly getting into the mood of it all before it sadly ended. My advice, Press Play and relive this crazy journey once more. Awesome stuff.

You can download Path Of Might – S/T – from BandCamp now. You won't be sorry!!!

Words by Steve Howe

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