Tuesday 24 February 2015

UR - 'UR' (Album Review)

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 11/4/2013, Vinyl (01/11/2014)
Label: Droneburg Records

UR’ CD//DD//LP track listing

1). Aurochs
2). Condor
3). Megaloceros

UR is:

Michael Weise – Bass
Enrico Machate – Guitar
Martin Paul – Guitar, Vocals
Jakob Ritter – Drums


It wasn’t the easiest exercise to find out more information about the Dresden based doom quintet. The bands name UR means ‘watch’ in Swedish and you can imagine the amount of hits when I was googling it. But I’m not a man who gives up
Their booking agency mentioned that the bands name descend from a cattle named Aurochs and described UR’s music like

“The slow-swelling soundscapes, mostly abiding a musical eruption, draw their inspiration for the main part from the kingdom of forgotten, eradicated and haunted animals. Their nature is expressed using devices from the genres of Doom, Psychedelic and Post.”

UR are included by members of other bands such as Chakrun, P:hon and Seas of Stone.This release was originally self released in 2013, with a vinyl release following via Droneburg Records later in November 2014 and it’s a must If you want to dive deep into the wonderful world of doom with a spacey depth to it.

The philosophy in all three songs is their slow build ups, ranging from typical doom completed with long instrumental passage that create a sense of tension. I specifically like that with its combination of the compact ambient sounds, yet it’s heavy, dark and melancholy. The reverberated low roars are a great effect too.

The opener “Aurochs” starts with an epic nightmarish and creeping intro before the fuzzy guitar kicks in. The song has a resolute blast of grand, loud and heavy riffs that pick up layers of different sounds on its way to the end.  Throughout the song it switches more and more from a traditional doom approach, to something that is rich with ambience. The song is very nicely structured and keeps me interested and curious until the last note clings out, indeed the song feels ambitious and expressive

“Condor” is a low tuned punch and it’s served with heavily deformed guitars, with a low roar. The beginning of the song is dominated by the sort of snarling guitars, but it starts with a whispering, mostly acoustic sounding part in the middle of the song, creates a wall with tensed bricks and build ups a landscape of beautiful melancholic melody.  I like the way all the instruments playing a leading part in the songs 15 minute duration and for me is one of the most intense and emotional build ups I heard in a song recently.

The ending track “Megaloceros” is the only instrumental track and is mostly post metal in tone, but with a droning, distorted, fuzzy edge. The song also includes a beautiful melancholy melody, with a shower of distortion and dissonance that hits the listener like one big wave. Despite all the different sounds the song presents to the listener, you can hear the melody throughout the whole song 

This is a truly amazing debut and definitely a band I will follow on upcoming releases. If you like Samothrace or Bell Witch I guess this is a band that will make your ears satisfied

You can pick up a copy here

Words by:  Sven-Åke Alveving

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