Saturday 21 February 2015

The Souldiggers Band - Second Coming (Album Review)

Second Coming cover art

Album Type: Album
Date Released: 05th February 2015
Label: Self Released

'Second Coming' DD track Listing

1.Intro 00:53
2.Son Of A Bitch 04:27
3.Blissout 03:27
4.Curious Girl 03:48
5.Everybody Lies 03:54
6.Slow N' Lazy 04:02
7.Last Hope Rising 04:31
8.No Way Back 03:32
9.Spring Song 04:23
10.TKRV Sundown 03:05
11.Useless Days 05:14
12.If I Had The Time 03:12
13.Jacaranda (Long-Awaited Rain) 04:42


It’s been nearly three years since The Souldiggers Band’s ‘Search For Greater Things’ debut album was released in 2012. Now 2015 & the same two guys from Saint-Petersburg, Russia are come back & set to self-release once again their second LP album entitled ‘Second Coming’. Whereas the part of tracks at first album & some ideas TSB’s songwriter had some years before release the new songs was written for this release specially. And they were with one goal in the head - to write really various album that would handsome from the beginning to the end for all potential listeners & rock music fans.

Second Coming’ is continuation partly of the first release and they’re have a similar roots undoubtedly & picks up where the debut left off but builds in every way from the quality of the song writing, playing, mixing & producing. Listen this 13 tracks and enjoy of hard/grunge/southern/blues awesome mix. Heavy riffs, powerful & mighty sound meets the great melodies, acoustic guitars & sentimental/lyrical moods. It’s all there! Keep on rock! (13 tracks, 54 minutes, Self-Release)

The Souldiggers Band is:

Chigidin Michael - vocals, electric & acoustic guitars, keys
Kukharev Dmitry - bass, drums, percussion, electric guitars


The Souldiggers Band released a stunning debut album - “Search For Greater Things” - back in 2012 to minor critical acclaim for it's blend of Blues Rock, Hard Rock and Stoner Rock. It showed these guys had something about them to standout from the crowd. Well 3 years later, this crazy hard-rocking duo from Russia return with their even better 2nd album – Second Coming.

What made their debut album such a blast is more than equalled here as the 'Second Coming' is packed full of great songs to get you into the hard-rocking mood. It's not the most sophisticated of sounds but that doesn't stop The Souldiggers Band having such a great time. Fans of QOTSA and Soundgarden are going to love this as these guys sound like a wonderful hybrid of those two legendary bands.

Second track – Son Of A Bitch – is one mean and powerful Grunge/Stoner Rock number that's big on Volume and packed with a menacing Southern Rock groove. It's just one of the great tracks waiting for you to check out as The Souldiggers Band leave no stone unturned in entertaining the hell out of you. These guys are one of the finest duo's you're likely to hear all year.

'Second Coming' plays out like a Greatest Hits collection, as the songs all have a huge likeability around them. It's all killer and no filler. Tracks such as 'Blissout', 'Last Hope Rising', 'TKRV Sundown' and 'Useless Days' all venture through the hard-rock spectrum to show that The SoulDiggers Band are very hard to categorize. As the album mood changes from Hard Rock to Blues Rock, Blues Rock to Grunge and Grunge to Stoner Rock.

Sure the album can be a little too long at 54 mins in length. But you can't deny how talented The Souldiggers Band are. They have written some great songs to get your teeth stuck into. My advice, just download this excellent album now as it's available for Free Download from BandCamp now. You won't be sorry!!!

Brilliant and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe

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