Sunday 14 June 2015

Bonze's Fuel - Volume 2 (EP Review)

Volume 2 cover art

Album Type: EP
Date Released: March 14th 2015
Label: Self Released

Volume 2 - Track Listing:

1.Solitude 05:32
2.The Fuss 03:58
3.All Back On 03:49
4.In Denial 03:29
5.Kickout 02:51


Manos Tiganis (bass n' vocals)
Nikos Zairis (guitar)
Nikos Soultoukis (drums


Greek Blues Tinged Stoner Rock Outfit – Bonze's Fuel – return with Volume 2 after impressing people with their debut EP – Volume 1. Volume 2 carries on the same demonic hard rocking vibe from the first EP. Blazing Blues Rock riffs with a stunning desert rock flavour. Opening track – Solitude – is the standout track on the EP as it carries a vast amount of trippy desert rock vibes with a hunger to snare everything in it's way. Lead vocalist Manos has sort of a 60s/70s swagger going on around him mixed with traces of hard-hitting grunge to add a more sinister edge to the fuzzy desert rock surroundings.

From then on in, Bonze's Fuel – fuel your own appetite with riffs and psychedelic freak-outs galore. This EP is such a stronger release than their debut EP as the band say the HELL WITH IT. As they play Stoner Rock music by their own rules and that makes them such an exciting band to keep an eye on. Other great tracks to check out are – The Fuss, All Back On and In Denial. All showing that Bonze's Fuel may need to start working on their full length record as an EP is never enough for the sheer amount of fun you'll be having rocking out to Bonze's Fuel.

If you want good old fashioned Stoner Rock that harks back to the day of stunning riffs then Bonze's Fuel is the band for you. Check them out now as you won't be disappointed. Excellent stuff!!!

Words by Steve Howe

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