Tuesday 9 June 2015

Ommadon - 'Empathy For The Wicked' (Album Review)

Album Type: Full-length
Date Released: 15/07/2015
Label: Golden Mantra

‘Empathy For The Wicked’ DD//LP track listing:

1). Side A
2). Side B.

Ommadon is:

Ewan Mackenzie | Drums, Noise
David Tobin | Guitar, Noise


I would like to start by saying this: I woke up today feeling half way decent, ready to start the day and get shit done. Now, after listening to this record, I feel
crushed....broken.....shattered....and fucking dead. It's wonderful.

‘Empathy For The Wicked’, the sixth release of the crushing drone two piece OMMADON, is about as heavy as it gets. Essentially this record is one track split over two sides, with each being over the 20 minute mark, and to put it simply, it will destroy you. If  being bombarded with sludgy evil riffs is your thing...or getting absolutely pulverized and driven into the pavement by colossal thundering drums until your body collapses, this release is perfect for you. Upon listening your mind will run wild with thoughts of hopeless demise, your spirit will break, and that’s right about the time the Goosebumps kick in.

The perfect balance between noisy, gritty atmosphere, and murderous sonic rampage, I really enjoyed the prolonged cacophony on side B just as much as the barbaric face smashing side A. What else can I really say? This has been a very straight forward review for me. The only intention this album seems to have is killing the listener. The beauty of it being that once you're dead, it’s still smashing your fucking soul as you become reborn into eternal darkness. It’s almost like meditation, but for all things evil. Do not fear the walls closing in, as you can not stop them. Do not fight the blade piercing your soul, for it will only hurt momentarily. There is no good. There is no light. Only OMMADON, lurking in the shadows, watching you. Slowly creeping behind you. Don't run...embrace your death.

Words by: Joel Willis

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