Friday 12 June 2015

Kehlvin/Fleshworld - “To Deny Everything That's Mundane” Split LP (Review)

Album Type: Split
Date Released: 6/4/15
Label: Division Records,
Unquiet Records,
Dullest Records, Grains of Sand

“To Deny Everything That's Mundane” Split LP//DD track listing:

1). Kehlvin – Perspective & Growth
2). Fleshworld – Moire
3). Kehlvin – Fishful of Coins
4). Fleshworld – Wrecking Constructs
5). Kehlvin – To Deny Everything That's Mundane


Splits are always interesting releases in that you can get some crazy match ups sometimes. On this particular split, Kehlvin and Fleshworld are very complementary artists utilizing a unique brand of sludge/post-hardcore/post-metal/etc. It's becoming harder and harder these days for newer artists to make their mark in these ever-overlapping genres but both Kehlvin and Fleshworld succeed in making their own mark on this split.

The opening track by Kehlvin, “Perspective & Growth” is a surprisingly complex and sophisticated arrangement with a song that covers a lot of different paths. The guitar tones here are very reminiscent of the band Cable's 2009 release “The Failed Convict,” and the song writing takes a similar artsy bend as it begins with some pounding hardcore riffs and develops into a cool middle section. The middle section is really well done as it starts with a melodic theme then develops it into the next section seamlessly. The vocals are suitably pissed to match the guitars.

Fleshworld enters the fray on the second track “Moire” which begins with some nice ambient guitar passages. Building into a shifting frenzy of subtle rhythm changes, Fleshworld has some really nice guitar layering during their shifting verses. Some of the lead work on the beginning section reminds me of “Leviathan”-era Mastodon a bit in the best way possible. For any post-metal band the dynamic shifts and interesting song structures are really the hallmark of whether your band is good or not and Fleshworld does a great job on “Moire” with some really nice tribal drumming over the central break in the song and leaving enough space between the guitar melodies to build a great atmosphere.

A long build-up begins the third track “Fistful of Coins” displaying some really nice fuzzy bass lines. Moving into a nice moving verse riff, the song moves through some nice changes with some awesome rhythm guitar work. At around the 4:45 mark Kehlvin brings back the intro riff which has some truly great writing on the cool simple melody lead and the almost djenty prog chug contrast. A more experimental track than Kehlvin's first track of the split, I like this for the best song on the album.

The fourth track “Wrecking Constructs” which is Fleshworld's second contribution to the split displays a very different sound then “Moire.” The first portion of the song begins with open chords and space moving into a double time center section. The guitar tones employed in this track are very different then Fleshworld's earlier track and the mix as well sounds very different. A little more open sounding and the instruments have a little more separation.

For the final and title track we go back to Kehlvin. Continuing in what seems to be the theme of this split of covering a lot of different sounds and song structures this track is no different. It's weirdly hard to describe “To Deny Everything That's Mundane” in that it's familiar but different sounding. Which admittedly sounds cheesy, but the riffs are more chordy here and the short rhythmic breaks at some of the transitions are something not often heard and nicely break up the song.

After hearing this release I would really like to hear these two bands get together for a week in some location and rock out a couple songs all together a la Desert Sessions or that crazy In The Fishtank releases as their sounds, although different, go together pretty well. Overall this is a pretty great release that shows some brilliant song writing and exceptional rhythmic playing by both bands. The subtle time shifts and smooth transitions set a claustrophobic and intense feel that lingers after listening.

Definitely worth the time to check out.

Words by: Chris Tedor

“To Deny Everything That's Mundane” is available here

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