Tuesday 9 June 2015

Opium Lord - ''The Calendrical Cycle: Eye of Earth' Test Press Giveway

Since their inception in 2013, Dry Cough Records have forged a formidable reputation as an active supporter of the underground ‘doom’ scene, issuing around 21 releases to date. 

Kicking things of with the cassette only ‘Discography’ by Plague Survivors, Dry Cough issued a further 3 releases in 2013, before they made the initial transition to vinyl.  Given that the cost of releasing vinyl is relatively higher and the fan base of the music is small, releasing vinyl isn’t without risk; indeed most small labels rely on selling units in order to put money into the next one, let alone break even.  Therefore with the resultant 7inch release by Old Skin, Dry Cough teamed up with Church of Fuck and Skin & Bones Records for this release and would subsequently forge great partnerships with other independent labels to issue vinyl releases by Coltsblood, Ommadon, Sea Bastard and Keeper as 2014 drew to close. 

With releases by Meth Drinker and Night Slug already in the bag and as we enter the second half of 2015, it would appear that Dry Cough Records is stronger than ever and this view is further  reinforced by the recent announcement of a split release featuring none other than Sea Bastard and Primitive Man. One thing for certain is that Dry Cough Records continues to leave their own mark upon the underground scene, so given our close affiliation with them since their very first release, it gives me great pleasure to announce an awesome Dry Cough Records give away.

Fans of Opium Lord take note, we’re giving you the chance to win one of only 10 test presses in existence, for the soon to be released vinyl version of 'The Calendrical Cycle: Eye of Earth'.  If you need any more convincing, you can read what we had to say about the record here.  The competition is simple, just follow the instructions below.  It is simply a matter of using the rafflecopter link below to visit the Dry Cough Records Facebook and giving it a like.  The winner  will be contacted by email in 6 days time. Good Luck

For more information about this awesome label, check out the links below.  You can read our review of the Meth Drinker/Leechfeast split here and our chat with Andy from Dry Cough Records here.