Wednesday 10 June 2015

Ranger - 'Where Evil Dwells' (Album Review)

Album Type: Full-Length
Date Released: 17/03/2015
Label: Spinefarm Records

‘Where Evil Dwells’ CD//DD//LP

1). Defcon 1
2). Deadly Feast
3). Phantom Soldier
4). Dead Zone
5). Black Circle (S.Y.L.S)
6). Where Evil Dwells
7). Storm of Power

Ranger is:

Dimi Pontiac | Bass & Vocals
Miko | Drums
Mikael | Guitar
Ville  | Guitar


I first became aware of Ranger at Live Evil Festival a couple of years ago. Quite simply, they are a Finnish speed/thrash metal with a very retrogressive attitude and approach. From the early Slayer-esque vocal screams to the soft sounding snare, this is like listening to a thrash record from 1984. There are guitar melodies that are reminiscent of Iron Maiden, lots of riffs and a very innocent charm to it all. These guys are young and brimming with enthusiasm; it's not a pastiche or even delivered with a knowing wink. It is exactly what it presents itself to be.

‘Def Con One’ presents all the traits described above (and trading solos, of course) and really, that is how the record continues with ‘Deadly Feast’, ‘Phantom Soldier’ and ‘Dead Zone’.  The tracks are surprisingly long- nothing under 4 minutes and the title track extends over 10 minutes! There are lots of riffs, lots of solos, lots of everything that you would expect.

What this all adds up to is seven tracks of high quality retro thrash- not as street as Overkill and not as evil sounding as Slayer, it is kind of in the middle of all that; thrash with a  trad metal base and fantastical themes. In short, this is a fine album that is loaded with riffs and energy, what it is not is anything new. Go into it expecting anything alse and you will be disappointed. Go into it because you have mislaid your copy of ‘Show No Mercy’ and you will be very happy indeed.

Words by: Richard Maw

‘Where Evil Dwell’ is available everywhere now

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