Sunday 14 June 2015

Shepherd - Demonstration 2 (EP Review)

Demonstration 2 cover art

Album Type: EP
Date Released: July 2015
Label: Helmet Lady Records

Demonstration 2 - Track Listing:

1.Five 03:20
2.Six 04:21
3.Seven 01:48
4.Eight 11:56


Shepherd is a Bangalore-based sludge/heavy rock band that's been making waves in the underground since its coming together in early 2011. Drawing Influence from the guitar driven sounds of early 90's hard rock (Soundgarden, The Melvins, Eyehategod) and 80's hardcore punk (Black Flag, Discharge), the band has built a reputation for itself as an ever-evolving and unpredictable heavy rock entity.

Shepherd is

Michael | (Bass/Vocals)
Namit | (Guitar/Vocals)
Deepak | (Drums/Vocals)


What a year it has been for Sludge/Doom/Stoner Riffsters – Shepherd. A debut album - Stereolithic Riffalocalypse – that's been been acclaimed by fans and critics alike. An album that is still going strong on the infamous Doom Charts almost 5 months after it's initial release.

Since then Shepherd have signed an exclusive vinyl deal with rising record label – Helmet Lady Records – who are going to release Stereolithic Riffalocalypse on Vinyl very soon but also their previous release – Demonstration 2 – which was released originally ages ago. Demonstration 2 features four unpolished and raw tracks that shows early signs of Shepherd branching out to the band they are known for today. It's purely instrumental and some of the songs end abruptly. So don't go expecting a high end finish featured on their acclaimed debut album. As these songs were written and recorded when Shepherd were finding their own identity.

You can still hear familiar riffs and rhythms on the EP but Demonstration 2 is to show you what might of become of the band if they didn't decide to add vocals to the mix. 3 of the songs are only for a few minutes in length and whilst they are exciting tracks, there's something missing here. I don't know if I missed the vocals or the wicked sense of humour that the debut album had. This is definitely an EP showing a band trying to discover who they are and what they actually want to be.

I will say that the epic 4th track – Eight – is a stunning 12 minute epic that I would love to see the band use for future releases as it's a kickass Sludge/Doom/Stoner Rock hybrid that the band would eventually use for their debut album. Eight has the potential to be a future Shepherd classic if they work on some of the rough edges and maybe cut a few minutes from it.

Demonstration 2 is a fantastic way for Shepherd to introduce themselves to the world of Vinyl and Helmet Lady Records. Whilst I won't be buying this, a few other vinyl freaks will go fucking crazy over this. I'm waiting for the main event from Shepherd. Stereolithic Riffalocalypse on Vinyl.

Words by Steve Howe

Demonstration 2 is available to buy digitally now. Demonstration 2 will be released on limited edition Vinyl from Helmet Lady Records around July 2015. Thanks to Shepherd for the promo.

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