Tuesday 16 June 2015

SACRI MONTI - S/T (Album Review)

Album Type: Full-length
Date Released: 24th July 2015
Label: TeePee Records

Sacri Monti – S/T - Track Listing:

Staggered In Lies
Glowing Grey
Slipping From The Day
Sitting Around In A Restless Dream
Ancient Seas And Majesties
Sacri Monti


Brenden Dellar -Guitar
Dylan Donavon- Guitar
Anthony Meier- Bass
Evan Wenskay- Organ, Synth, Echoplex
Thomas Dibenedetto- Drums


California psychedelic heavy rock champions SACRI MONTI blaze a scorching trail of superb shredding and smoldering riff-o-rama on their Tee Pee Records debut. Roughly translated as "Sacred Mountains", SACRI MONTI blazes a scorching trail of superb shredding and smoldering riff-o-rama on their impending debut. The record is a searing smorgasbord of muscular rock that boils '70s guitar rock down to its purest essence while simultaneously skyrocketing a pathway towards the future of molten heavy psych.

The five-piece, which features drummer Thomas Dibenedetto of JOY and Radio Moscow bassist Anthony Meier in its ranks, will drop its self-titled debut on July 24. Boasting a sound best described as "a mix of early 70's underground hard rock, with psychedelic and krautrock elements", SACRI MONTI joins a blooming Tee Pee roster that includes fellow San Diego associates Harsh Toke, JOY and the genre's founding fathers, Earthless.

Fingers bleed, eardrums implode and craniums collapse when SACRI MONTI cranks up its bitchin', blistering buzz. Tune in, turn it up and BURN!!


Sacri Monti's style of Hard Rock is firmly rooted in the 1970s. Shades of Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Hawkwind and Led Zepp all play a major part in shaping Sacri Monti's sound. Though the band do like to shake things up with slabs of Krautrock as well. Sacri Monti is made up of members of Radio Moscow and JOY. So if you're into those two bands then Sacri Monti is going to win you over in a big way. It took me a few attempts to actually warm up to Sacri Monti's style of Psychedelic Rock as I've been so out of the loop with Psychedelic outfits such as Sacri Monti.

My initial thoughts there are a ton of great ideas struggling to get out as Sacri Monti pack a lot of different styles where it felt it was getting bogged down by the high amount of different noises and riffs that the band have created. Then around the 3rd or 4th listen I started to enjoy the album more. Opening track - Staggered In Lies - starts rather quietly before strands of vintage Psych Rock start to appear and playing subtle hints of 60s/70s guitar worship. It becomes ever so louder as time goes by and once the groovy organs kick in then this album finally comes alive. The vocals have an early Roger Daltrey vibe as the spacy synths and noises almost drown out the impressive vocals.

Though that's Sacri Monti's style of music as the vocals are constantly in the background and the space rock/psych rock sounds are the main attraction here. Shades of Psych Rock legends - Earthless - can be felt here as Sacri Monti play some exciting jam-based riffs. Sacri Monti have included some heavy doomy moments within their The Doors inspired organs and synths. That's the vibe you will pick up from the opening song and with 5 other songs to listen to, Sacri Monti have a few surprises coming your way. 

Second track - Glowing Grey - is a heavy psychedelic offering with plenty of fuzz and guitar reverb feedback that creates an unsettling feeling with the riffs being played at maximum levels for a groovy distorted ride. The vocals blur between the lines of reality as they drift from dimension to the next. Though it's the crazy psychedelic riffs that grabs your attention and never let’s go. Yeah. I dig this album a lot and I can see why TeePee Records signed them to their roster as they have the perfect balance between the classic 60s/70s sounds and the more modern day hard rock sensibilities.

Third track - Slipping From The Day - has a few psych freakouts that would make Jimi Hendrix proud. It's one of the albums strongest tracks and one that I can see the band playing to a hypnotic major Psych/Stoner Rock festival crowd such as Freak Valley. I wouldn't be surprised to see Sacri Monti appearing at festivals such as Desertfest, Freak Valley and other great festivals of that ilk. This album is going to win Sacri Monti a huge wave of followers within the Psych/Stoner Rock scene. This album is an exciting psychedelic ride from start to finish especially when the 2nd half of the album starts as Sacri Monti become crazily inventive with their music and ideas.

Fourth track - Sittin Around In A Restless Dream - which wouldn't go a miss from an Uncle Acid album. Crazed space rock sounds from both the guitars and organs provide another psych freakout session with the band having the time of their lives. Once fifth track - Ancient Seas And Majesties - has finished weaving its trippy 60s inspired magic spell you're wondering where the band will take you next. Well you ain't heard nothing yet as Sacri Monti turn their attention to the world of Progressive Rock with the wonderfully creative 12 minute plus song - Sacri Monti. It's the albums standout song where the band will take you on a final epic journey where the lines between fantasy and reality become blurred. Jam-based riffs are the main order of business with Sacri Monti weaving different majestic styles of rock to leave you in a blissful hard-rocking state.

Sacri Monti's debut album is one that surprised me in a big way. Yeah it did take around 4 to 5 listens to fully appreciate the whole experience. So expect to take your time with this album. All in all Sacri Monti have created a stunning debut album.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Carl at Action PR for the promo. Sacri Monti - S/T will be available to buy from TeePee Records on July 24th 2015.

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