Thursday 11 June 2015

The Sludgelord News - Mother Corona / Welcome the Howling Tones / Welcome Back Delta - UK Tour

UK Dates

21st, The Anvil : Bournemouth
22nd, Mother's Ruin : Bristol
23rd, Bannermans : Edinburgh
24th, Bad Apples : Leeds
25th, 2 Pigs : Cheltenham

3 band's that are dedicated to the Whiskey and Ale soaked uplifting and energetic sound's of stoner/doom rock and metal.

All 3 band's give a serious wink and a nod to 70s classic rock and late 70s punk, mixing in the best parts of 90s-00s rock/metal/punk, thus bringing these 3 shit-kicking alco-fueled UK bands right up to present date! Bring your hit flask, cause this one is going to get messy!

Mother Corona

Originaly formed as Nable in 2006, but after a few small recordings and line up changes the band changed its name to MOTHER CORONA in 2008.Formed by friends David Oglesby and Lee Cressey in the small Oxfordshire town of Didcot. The bands music is "a melting pot of Heavy- Distorded- Sludged out raw Grooves, Melodic Psychedelia and Spaced out Landscapes". They were joined by bass player Robert Glen that following summer.The band released its self titled debut EP on there own Button Mushroom label in the summer of 2010 to positive reviews from local rock press. Devolution mag said that "mother corona are one of those secret bands that everyone love's, well know this dirty little secret is out! While Heavy planet said "With sleazy grinding basslines, a fuzzy guitar tone and chunky rhythms, UK band Mother Corona have created an impeccable slice of psychedelic stoner rock madness!

The band started to gig locally and make themselves a name on the local underground rock scene sharing stages with bands like Desert Storm, K-lacura, Undersmile, and many other local names.

In 2011 the band continued to gig up and around the country, and in may 2011 started recording there debut album out of the dust.Out of the dust was released in april 2012 on the bands oun button mushroom print, This release showcased the bands roots in heavy- spaced out- garage rock n' roll, from the rollocking hook laden Hedonist king to the deep longing of quaalude 74' right through to the landscapian wastelands of nuclear winter.

The rockzine The Sleeping Shaman said "It’s fantastic to hear a solid British 3-piece smashing one out of the park on their debut release" while Sludgelord poured "Mother Corona have an exciting career ahead of them. This album proves why they can be one of the UK’s Leading Lights UK Metal for many years to come"

In 2014 Mother Corona released their 3rd effort "Reburn" on the When Planets Collide label, this was a "Heavy Duty" 15 track album filled with "Sludge Anthems" from the short but pummeling "Black Acid Morning" the paranoid twist of "Vertigo Terror" right through to the Utopian blast of "Stone Cold Universe" and the sweet mantra chant of "lily Mae"- Sludgelord boated that “Reburn” is a colossal album that sprawls and jams for nearly eighty minutes"

While Terrorizer said..."Oxford power trio Mother Corona's Orange Goblin - style riffs and nasally Billy Corgan - esque vocals work well, the grooves roll hard and the wah-wah solos smoke"

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Friends since short trousers and playing in bands almost as long these four band whores have accumulated a lot of experience going from the DIY scene to professional musician and back.

Formed in 2012 with the desire to play honest rock with classic tone, deep rooted blues, the weight of metal, the attack of hardcore, and a solid groove that can't be ignored. We're happy to say we found our sound.

Gigged with Godsized, The Jamie Lenman Band, Nick Oliveri, The Icarus Line, Breed77, and many more.

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The 8-legged rock machine from Cheltenham would have you listen to their tales and share a drink with them.Reel in terror at the outrageous tale of a man being hit by a car! Gasp in horror, at alligators that will stop at nothing to bite your hand off! Tremble in fear of a man too in love with his guitar! Tall tales, or factually accurate retellings of events from the past? We can only postulate. But one thing's for sure, there are many more tales to be heard.

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