Friday 26 February 2016

Albinö Rhino - "Uphold The Light: Part II" (Review)

By: Victor Van Ommen

Album Type: Single
Date Released: 09/02/2016
Label: Independent

“Uphold The Light: Part II” DD track listing:

1). Uphold The Light: Part II (20:47)

The Review:

Helsinki trio Albinö Rhino plays a fluid form of heavy psych exploration on their new single “Uphold the Light Part II.” Part I was the 14 minute closer of their 2014 self-titled sophomore outing and rumor has it that Part III will make the scene later this year as the B-Side to Part II.

Albinö Rhino’s sound is wide and colorful like the vast expanse of the ocean on a hot summer day yet strangely fitting for late night smoke outs in the dead of winter. Part II takes off from Part I, and calms the mood down a little by carving out a niche somewhere between the monotony of Death Hawks and the grittiness of Colour Haze. A driving bass line and repetitive drumming is what pulls this song through its twenty minutes, allowing the guitars to lightly jump and skip around this rhythmic foundation. For those looking for a jam to get lost in, be sure to check this mind-bender out.

Their Bandcamp page hosts part I, Part II is out now, and we’ll just have to wait patiently for Part III.

“Uphold The Light: Part II” is available here

Band info: bandcamp || facebook