Thursday 4 February 2016

Familiars - "Migration" EP (Review)

By: Victor Van Ommen

Album Type: EP
Date Released: 23/01/2016
Label: Independent

“Migration” DD track listing:

1). The Wild Horses of Sable Island
2). Runners of the Woods

The Review:

The last we heard from Familiars was in January 2015. They had just released a self-titled EP ( review) that was chock full of crunchy, Dozer-like riffs and smoky vocals that hung low in the mix.

Now a year down the line, Familiars is back with a new EP, “Migration,” and as the title suggests, their sound has shifted. The thing still bites like its predecessor does but there’s less gas being given on these two tracks. “The Wild Horses of Sable Island” is a touch more hypnotic than what their first EP while the vocals in “Runners of the Woods” fill the cracks in the music just right, hanging onto that Deftones influence.

It’s hard to say if these two songs are a sign of a new direction for Familiars or if it’s hinting at a balanced full-length that will draw on mesmerizing riffs as much as upbeat ass-kickers. I’m hoping for the varied full-length scenario because these two EP’s complement each other very well.

“Migration” is available here

Band info: bandcamp | facebook