Wednesday 3 February 2016

Disastroid - "Love Is What You Bring On Home" 7inch (Review)

By: Victor Van Ommen

Album Type: 7inch
Date Released: 22/01/2016
Label: Independent

“Love Is What You Bring On Home” 7inch/DD track listing:

A). Love is what you bring on home
B). Gadabout

The Review:

If a band who makes math rock and is able to do so without alienating those who aren’t musicians, then they’re doing a pretty good job. Now with four releases under their belt it’s safe to say that Disastroid is such a band. By the time this review is posted, Disastroid will have released their new 7” called “Love is What You Bring Home.” It’s a release that plays out strange melodies to difficult timings, digging as deep into sludge territory as they do stoner rock. Side A is home to the 2 minute title track, a freak out that’s a little indebted to Fatso Jetson but no less Disastroid. Side B’s song is called “Gadabout,” and though less frenetic than its Side A counterpart, it’s no less restless. When put next to their last release (review), it’s apparent that Disastroid hasn’t really made a huge sonic transformation but rather has laid down more proof that they’re a steady force in the Californian music scene.

 Oh yeah, and check out that artwork.

Love Is What You Bring On Home” is available here

Band info: bandcamp | official | facebook