Sunday 21 February 2016

The Sludgelord News: Third I Rex to release the crushing "Loss" album by sludge, hardcore maniacs LLNN

By:  Aaron Pickford

Self styled post apocalyptic hardcore maniacs, LLNN from Copenhagen fresh from decimating ear drums with their caustic and punishing debut album “Loss” last year, have teamed up with DIY label Third I Rex to release it on CD for the first time. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the band, get set for a bludgeoning  and mesmerising mix of sludge, hardcore and sci-fi Bladerunner driven madness.  

Drawing comparisons to Converge and Love Sex Machine but filtered through the visionary mind of cult sci fi movies, LLNN’s attitude to their compositions is one of devotion to embracing a variety of genres but melding them into their own unique and outstanding personality.

Ultimately their debut album is visionary but more importantly monumentally crushing, "Loss" is a journey through lands unknown.  Equally aggressive and comfortable on stage, LLNN have performed live in support of Redwood Hill, Église, Czar, Smertegrænsens Toldere, Pyramido, Grim Van Doom, Year Of No Light, Arakk  and will soon share the stage with Cult Of Luna, Pelican, Russian Circle

So ask yourself the question, “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep”? And immerse yourself in this fantastic debut video “Rapture” from this neck wrecking genre bending Danish quartet. Don’t forget to pull the trigger and order to the CD whilst you’re at it.  The preorder begins today.  

The record is called “Loss” it is available to preorder here and you can find the track listing below:

“Loss” CD track listing

1). Rapture
2). Monolith
3). Calamity
4). Loss
5). Depths
6). Voyager

Band info: bandcamp | facebook