Monday 1 February 2016

The Sludgelord Song Premiere: "Haima" by Sealclubber

By: Aaron Pickford

When I took to instagram little under 4 weeks ago to declare “Stoical” as a furious infusion of sludge encrusted hardcore and very much deserving of your time, little did I know or expect that we’d be teaming up with the good folks of Dewar PR to present the second track from that forthcoming album for your listening pleasure. How wrong we were.

Renowned for their blistering live shows and with a debut EP, “Sticky River” under their belts, Sealclubber’s early material only hinted at what these guys were capable of.  With their debut full length set for release only a few short days from now via Medusa Crush Recordings, one thing is for certain is that today’s premiere of “Haima” will see these Black Country Brawlers not only decimate your eardrums but perhaps introduce you to your new favourite band. 

So unless you wish to endure ongoing pain and hardship for failing to check out this band, stop what you’re doing, tune in turn up and prepare to be broken, beaten and scarred.  I give you the mighty Sealclubber.  (N.B. No seal’s were harmed in the production of this transmission)

“Stoical” will be released this Friday 05/02/2016, but you can pre-order it  here. For all your physical needs, visit Medusa Crush Recordings here

Band info: facebook | bandcamp