Tuesday 2 February 2016

Elevators to the Grateful Sky - "Cape Yawn" (Album Review)

By: Victor Van Ommen

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 11/03/2016
Label: HeviSike Records

Cape Yawn” DD//LP track listing:

1). Ground
2). Bullet Words
3). All About Chemistry
4). Dreams Come Through
5). A Mal Tiempo Buena Cara
6). Kaiser Quartz
7). I Wheel
8). Mongerbino
9). Cape Yawn
10). We're Nothing at All
11). Laura (One for Mark Sandman)
12). Mountain Ship
13). Unwind

Elevators to the Grateful Sky is:

Sandro Di Girolamo | Vocals
Giuseppe Ferrara | Guitars
Giorgio Trombino | Guitars
Giulio Scavuzzo | Drums

The Review:

On paper, a potent mix of Monster Magnet, Kyuss, and Fu Manchu is pretty exciting. Taking heavy riffs, meandering, psychedelic passages, and melting them all together with stories of sun, babes, and drugs is the musical equivalent of your Grandma’s recipe for apple pie. Palermo, Italy four piece Elevators to the Grateful Sky (ETTGS) are on board with this mind set, delivering exactly that on their sophomore album, “Cape Yawn,” out in March on HeviSike Records.

In 48 minutes, ETTGS lays down 13 songs, each one drawing from a precise palette of influences. The result is something we’ve heard before - “Ground” is very Fu Manchu, “Kaizer Quartz” digs around the John Garcia side of the desert, and “Cape Yawn” owes so much to Yawning Man, - but done very well. Sure, each song is a “sounds like this” or a “sounds like that,” but that doesn’t immediately detract from the level of enjoyment that can be had when listening to this record. If you’re into these bands then you’ll enjoy “Cape Yawn” like apple pie – you’ve had it before but each recipe is that little bit different.

Cape Yawn” is available here

FFO: Monster Magnet, Kyuss, Fu Manchu, Yawning Man

Band info: bandcamp | facebook