Tuesday 2 February 2016

The Skull - "The Skull" EP (Review)

By: Richard Maw

Album Type: EP
Date Released: 22/01/2016
Label:  Teepee Records

“The Skull” CD//DD track listing:

1). The Longing
2). A New Generation
3). The Skull
4). Assassin (Live)
5). Til the Sun Turns Black

The Review:

The Skull are back with this storming little EP to follow up 2014's fantastic full length “For Those Which Are Asleep”. This opens up with “The Longing” a great track, with superb production (bright and clear, uncommon in doom) and nifty lead work. For all those fans of vintage Trouble out there, this carries on in the same vein. Unsurprising, considering the pedigree. I very much like this kind of trad doom: slow when necessary, faster when needed and with a heart of heavy metal beating at its centre. “A New Generation” has a similar pulsing rhythm, with a somewhat lesser snare drum sound (being picky).

The rest of the EP showcases the band's past, being split between Trouble re-recordings and live takes on material from the bands debut. Whether or not things are improved upon or just different... or even a faithful re-tread, I will leave you to decide. Personally, I enjoyed hearing the old material with a modern production The Skull and with the urgency of live performance “Assassin”, even if live Eric Wagner's plaintive wail is a little lost in the mix.

The quality of the material on this EP was never in doubt, The Skull are a fine, fine band and their roots shine through here. If you enjoyed the debut, ever listened to and enjoyed a Trouble album and like your doom with actual riffs and solos, getting hold of this EP is a no-brainer. Doom on, gentlemen, doom on.

“The Skull” is available here

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