Tuesday, 11 February 2020

ALBUM REVIEW: Humulus, "The Deep"

By: Andrew Davie

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 28/02/2020
Label:  Kozmik Artifactz

The Review:

The first time I listened to Humulus was in Hong Kong in 2013. Youtube recommended their debut album to me based on my previous music selections. I decided to follow Youtube’s advice and descend further down the proverbial rabbit hole. Youtube had been hit or miss with regard to its suggestions, but there was something about the Humulus album cover of an Elephant holding a beer with its trunk. Thankfully, I pressed play and was introduced to some stellar metal.

Humulus’s latest album, “The Deep”, does not disappoint. The band delivers some outstanding stoner rock. The album begins with the track “Devil’s Peak (We Eventually Eluded Death)” which does a wonderful job setting the stage with each instrument and the vocals working well in conjunction, offering a track full of stoner hallmarks like distorted and fuzzed out guitar. “Hajra” allows for the guitar to demonstrate some subtlety and inverts the Pixies formula of loud/quiet/loud. The second half of the album switches things up a bit. “Into the Heart of the Volcano Sun” begins with a melodic organ which segues nicely into some exquisite guitar work. “Lunar Queen” continues with some stand out acoustic guitar, and the album concludes with the track “Sanctuary III - The Deep” which has more of a light melodic introduction before revving things up with a monstrous guitar riff.

Altogether, Humulus does not disappoint, and this album will help to cement their legacy.

“The Deep” is available HERE

Band info: facebook || bandcamp