Saturday, 15 February 2020

ALBUM REVIEW: The Visceral Madness Condition, "The Visceral Madness Condition"

By: Peter Morsellino 

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 07/12/2019
Label: Independent

“The Visceral Madness Condition” DD track listing:

1). Do Not Enter
2). Dead Man’s Soup
3). I’m Afraid of You
4). Tales From The Sewers
5). Wooden Brain
6). The Mat
7). Poor King
8). Cut

The Review: 

In only their second release since 2018's “Love Me Kill Me Hate Me Kiss Me” single, The Visceral Madness Condition offer up an eclectic mix.  With sludgy riffs, stoner grooves, high theatricality, and an overall abundance of weird, this may be the most unique album you here in quite a while. 

One of the main features that comes off immediately is the voice of vocalist Dirty Dave. Highly expressive and demanding of attention, Dave inserts in these songs a theatrical vibe that is almost reminiscent of Marilyn Manson or King Diamond.  Other times, he barks with a perfect hardcore ferocity and moans like the demons of hell, even conjuring up a pretty close Ozzy wail.  This wide range of vocal stylings lend themselves to a unique listening experience.  

Musically, the album features heavily Sabbath inspired riffing and downtrodden beats mixed seamlessly with speedy hardcore passages. They could be easily compared to GWAR with their refusal to be placed into a single box musically, rather serving the weirdness of these songs by any means necessary. From the creepy and brooding to the pounding rhythms of yesteryear's fist pumping rockers. 

“Do Not Enter” is a focal point of the album, with the almost ten minute timespan fully showcasing what the band can do.  With a haunting atmosphere and spoken word piece leading into a seventies inspired guitar driven dirge before exploding into pure stoner rock madness. The end of this track will have you headbanging for sure. 

While the high strangeness of the group might turn off casual listeners, the breadth of its creativity will certainly reel in those who will become hardcore fans for years to come.  From doom anthems to sludgy grind mashers to stoner groove fests, there seems to be no end to what this group will throw at you.  We certainly have not heard the last from Dirty Dave and company.  We can only hope we won't be waiting too long for the follow up.

The Visceral Madness Condition” is available HERE

Band info: bandcamp || facebook