Monday, 3 February 2020

ALBUM REVIEW: Lorna Shore, "Immortal"

By: Thomas Gonzales

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 31/01/2020
Label: Century Media Records

“Immortal” CD//DD//LP track listing:

1. Immortal
2. Death Portrait
3. This Is Hell
4. Hollow Sentence
5. Warpath Of Disease
6. Misery System
7. Obsession
8. King Ov Deception
9. Darkest Spawn
10. Relentless Torment

The Review:

Lorna Shore return in full force with what may be their purest vision yet. Formed in 2010, Lorna Shore have garnered a dedicated fan base, and for well deserved reasons. With the release of “Immortal”, founding band members Adam De Micco & Austin Archery have cemented themselves amongst the elite of extreme metal. Not content with simple scene labels and contrived stylization, Lorna Shore seeks to break the mold with a blistering assault of sonic ferocity.

Following not one, but TWO lineup changes since “Flesh Coffin”, “Immortal” almost didn't see the light of day, however, through dedication to their craft, Lorna Shore's remaining members were adamant about exposing their art to the masses. For anyone who followed the band's social media accounts, you may well be aware of the effort behind this album, and the sincerity expressed in its composition.

Founding member Tom Barber split from the band for Chelsea Grin in 2018, and was replaced by CJ McCreery of Signs of the Swarm fame in 2019, bringing with him his destructive style of deathcore vocalization. McCreery was later fired at the end of 2019. Often times sounding like he's gargling a mouthful of skulls, McCreery is an excellent accent to the already fluid sound of Lorna Shore. It’ll be a shame not to have him in future releases, but be confident that there is enough talent at the heart of the band to more than continue the legacy.

Bending Metal sub-genres at every opportunity, Lorna Shore manages to expand beyond their fan bestowed classification of Deathcore, and instead craft a dynamic assimilation of styles…resistance is futile. Drawing inspiration from such categories as Blackened & Melodic Death Metal, and Slam, the group manages to craft a spellbinding and hauntingly dark soundscape, without sacrificing the brutality they’ve become known for in the extreme metal world. Machine gun bass kicks and screaming lead guitars overlay epic swelling synths, and choral arrangements, while bestial scream and growls utterly eradicate the listener into a state of wicked ecstasy. It’s these dramatic shifts that really separates “Immortal” from Lorna Shore's previous works.

“Immortal” is a release that almost wasn’t, one that had to overcome doubt and adversity to see the light of day, and the world is damn lucky it did. There is a lot of complex and intuitive song writing to be appreciated on this release, and it would be no surprise to see it wind up on many year end Metal lists. If you haven’t been listening, this is the time to give them a shot, don’t let the useless labels deter you, Lorna Shore is so much more than just another Deathcore Band, and “Immortal” is far too savage to be ignored.

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