Thursday, 13 February 2020

VIDEO PREMIERE: Redwood Hill debut mesmerising new track "Polar"

For all Redwood Hill fans out there, the new decade heralds the long-awaited announcement of a brand new album.   Entitled “Ender” the Danish post metal / hardcore ensemble's new album includes all the band’s trademarks.  With a sound firmly rooted in the post-metal genre, they sound heavily influenced in the vocal and mood department by black metal. It's a great atmospheric mix, conveying feelings of despair, isolation and depression but not without leaving the listener with a glimpse of hope in the midst of the sombre musical and lyrical landscape.

You can check out the track “Polar” below taken from the album as well as a personal message on track from the band.  As the band states, the track is massive, harrowing and beautiful.  Judge for yourself 

Polar entirely encompasses what we try to achieve as a band. All the elements are there: A fragile guitar intro abruptly shattered by a demolishing and brutal wall of sound leading into the chorus. A droning passage featuring a melodic and harrowing instrumental composition which transitions into the final chorus and snarling outro. Polar is the second song written for Ender, with a first rough draft realized in late 2014, early 2015. It is not the most complicated and involved track on Ender but It’s very Redwood Hill; Massive, harrowing and beautiful.

Band info: facebook || bandcamp