Monday, 10 February 2020

REVIEW: Dripback, "Blessed With Less Than Nothing"

By: Richard Maw

Album Type: EP
Date Released: 20/03/2020
Label: 4 Family Records  


“Blessed With Less Than Nothing” CD//DD//LP track listing:

1). Blessed With Less Than Nothing
2). Forked Tongues
3). Lack of Substance
4). Mouths Sewn Shut
5). Altered State of Consciousness

The Review:

Dripback may have been away for some time, but for those that heard them releases such as “Inhaling The Ashes” are not easily forgotten! With frontman Wez now residing abroad, the chances for the band to get together are less than they were, but they have managed to put together five incredibly potent tracks here on this short sharp and nasty EP.

The title track is the first of five and sees the band tilling the fertile soil made up of a mixture of hardcore/grind/thrash/death and any other extreme genre that fits. There's more than a touch of old school NYHC in the sound too- it reminded me of Agnostic Front at their best or even Sick of it All. The punk influences are loud and proud in “Forked Tongues “too. It's fast and furious and definitely not made for commercial reasons.

As “Lack of Substance” lashes out of the speakers, it becomes apparent that the band remain focused and powerful without having compromised on song structure or arrangement. There's nothing here under two minutes long and there are plenty of riffs and twists and turns throughout each track. “Mouths Sewn Shut” is as menacing as the title suggests with lots of aggro present in the music and vocals. “Altered States of Consciousness” finishes this evil EP in grand style.

Over the course of the five tracks, the band punches the listener repeatedly with heavy hits and low blows- it will keep you guessing and keep you engaged. If you are a fan of Nasum this will suit you just as much as if you are a fan of Poison Idea. Highly recommended.

“Blessed With Less Than Nothing” is available HERE

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