Friday, 7 February 2020

VIDEO PREMIERE: Toronto based doom duo ITUS debut "Primordial"

Toronto’s ITUS is the latest in Canadian doom featuring heavy, brooding and psychedelic tones meshed with horror-inspired sounds. They have been toiling away, working on their debut EP "Primordial" set to be released on March 13, 2020. 
Atmospheric and energetic, this album is a step in a new musical direction for the duo of Brandon Lucking and Reinier Vandenbosch, and they are encouraged that the reception for their latest endeavour will be well received.  Today at THE SLUDGELORD we are debuting the title track from their EP and band had following to say about it below 
"This is the first single from Itus. Primordial uses the idea of coming out of a euphoric bliss into a hellish existence. Its lyrics comment on what forces within people work to pull society back down to chaos. This is the most aggressive song on the EP with its crisp, and aggressive guitar tones that really make it stand out from the other songs. The constant growing and changing of the layers of guitars leading to the breakdown at the end are meant to portray an increasing sense of unrest and panic."

Band info:  Facebook