Thursday, 13 February 2020

ALBUM REVIEW: The Osedax, "Meridians"

By: Peter Morsellino

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 17/01/2020
Label: Independent

“Meridians” DD track listing:

1). Offen
2). Beacon / Ox Eye
3). White Horse / Tempest
4). Ratlines

The Review:

There is an expanse.  A sprawling, black expanse. Dead, hopeless, untouched by light. A thick atmosphere covering all life like a black shroud. It is a bleak place, though not a place without its own beauty. On “Meridians”, The Osedax transports us to that place, holds our hand on our journey, and takes us closer to the edge of the abyss than humanity was ever meant to go. 

The worlds created by The Osedax (and that is very much what they are, fully formed worlds) tell thousands of stories in their ambient dissonance. There are stories of sorrow and pain, and of life and death. Stories of war and of peace.  They take you to a place of absolute serenity before punishing you with crushing force. “Meridians” is truly an album for all seasons. 

We begin with “Offen”, a slow dirge of mind bending atmospheres that gives way to a powerful, rhythmic march. The ethereal ambience of the introduction breaks abruptly, creating a chaotic feeling. It's almost panic inducing. Like a car crash on a Sunday drive. 

“White Horse / Tempest” brings us back into that ambient void. It lulls us for quite a while, with a heavy anxiety hanging in the air for that thunderous catastrophe to hit. This album keeps you on edge. When that shift finally comes, it is a dense blackened sludge that you find yourself trampled under. 

Beacon / Ox Eye then takes us to a beautiful place, with subtle melancholic guitars spinning a yarn of fragile hope. This serenity is quickly ripped away to pounding rhythms and shrieks of agony before returning to that same haunting ground which once again will give way to chaos. 

The album closes graciously with the cool off period of “Ratlines”.  It grabs hold of the listener and rocks them calmly with its spacious melodies. The anxiety of a crash is still present, but the tracks keeps its promise of safety. 

“Meridians” is an emotional rollercoaster. Taken in one sitting, you can expect a white-knuckle experience of tension and relief that gives the album a very cinematic feeling. This is a very moving piece. It's dark and light, dense and airy, beautiful and hideous. You might not have a good time throughout the course of this album, but when it's done you are left fulfilled, with a sense that every storm will eventually break, and night will always eventually give way to day. 

All in all, this is a story of hope and joy. It is a hope that is earned, not given. If you enjoy music that can create great spans of emotion in you, then this is for you. Lose yourself in it. Experience all it has to offer for better or worse. It is an experience, and one that I can highly recommend at that.

“Meridians” is available HERE

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