Sunday 1 March 2020

ALBUM REVIEW: Dytopian Future Movies, "Inviolate"

By: Peter Morsellio

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 02/03/2020
Label: Lasairfhíona Records

“Inviolate” CD//DD//LP track listing:

1. Countenance
2. Wreckage
3. Rules
4. All the Light
5. Kathleen
6. Black Cloaked
7. Ten Years

The Review:

The juxtaposition of beauty and dissonance in music is an often attempted and often failed venture. It takes a very special creative mind to find the connection points to make that puzzle fit together. On “Inviolate”, the ghostly sophomore effort from Dystopian Future Movies, this puzzle is completed. 

“Inviolate” drips with haunting beauty in its ethereal vocals and silky atmospheres.  Melodies are sweet and floating, with harmonies that seep deep into the listener's mind, wrapping them in a comfortable embrace.  On the other side of that same coin there is a cold darkness, chilling to the bones. A blackened void that swallow’s life. This is the marriage that Dystopian Future Movies consummates on this album. A powerful emotional output balanced with the bleak grey of cacophonous insanity.

Notes on this album range from ethereal pop to a dreamily melodic post rock to the dark chaotic soundscapes of black metal.  These diverse offerings are handled with the delicate care with which one would tend any garden. And like a good garden, the individual parts are not on display as the stars of the show, but rather the picture as a whole. There is no melody and cacophony, there is no hard and soft. Neither beauty nor ugliness. Neither darkness nor light.  Rather, Dystopian Future Movies creates something entirely its own from all of these parts.

This may not be an album for everyone. Some will claim it too soft; others might call it strange. But these terms are walls of our own construction. We cannot let them contain us. “Inviolate” is not dream pop, it is not post rock.  It's not sludge and it's not black metal.  Rather, Dystopian Future Movies has crafted a work of art that is wholly its own.

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