Friday, 6 February 2015

Crypt Sermon - Out of the Garden (Album Review)

Album Type: Full-Length
Date Released: 24/2/2015
Label: Dark Descent Records

‘Out of the Garden’ track CD//DD  listing:

1). “Temple Doors
2). “Heavy Riders”
3). “Byzantium
4). “The Will Of The Ancient Call”
5). “Enter The Holy Of Holies”
6). “The Master’s Bouquet”
7). “Out Of The Garden”

Crypt Sermon are:

EES | Drums
James Lipczynski | Guitars
Steve Jansson | Guitars
Will Mellor | Bass
Brooks Wilson Z| Vocals


A little doom, a little Judas Priest, add a dash of Iron Maiden and a splash of Black Sabbath and Crypt Sermon is pretty much the sum of those parts.  If every band wore their influences on its sleeves (we do. all of us.) then it's going to bleed through in their music. When I hear Crypt Sermon's album ‘Out of the Garden’, those bands mentioned at their most theatrical are what springs to mind. As expected, the opening song "Temple Doors" starts out slow and moody, very gradually building momentum, opening the album, followed by ‘Heavy Riders’, and ‘Byzantium".

Perhaps, this is a concept album, because it seems each song is telling part of one story. I do like albums that do this, but the trick is always to do it well.  All in all, this is a pretty good attempt.

While I didn’t fall madly in love with Crypt Sermon, I can certainly see how others might. My only real complaint about them is the music and vocals tend to drift to the dramatic fairly often, a little too over the top with a solo, or a little bit too much of a prolonged vocal harmony, when I would have liked to hear more solid riffing. I usually prefer a more "raw" sound, and that’s not what this band does. They approach the top, and go over it.  Some of us really like that, some don’t. It's just personal taste.

If you're one of those people who like Melodic Metal, with epic themes and lyrics and dig the NWOBHM retro sound, give this a listen. There are some pretty good riffs on display, especially with "Into the Holy of Holies".  Truth be told, most of the songs do run to the ‘Epic’ side of things. Big sweeping guitar solos, vocal melodies and "wire choir" twin solos.  In short, if that is your bag, you'll dig what this group is serving.

Words by: Mike Borsum

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