Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Ossuaire - Le Troubadour Necrophageophile Demo (Review)

Album Type: Demo CS
Date Released: 1/2/2015
Label: Nihilistic Holocaust

‘Le Troubadour Necrophageophile’ Demo tape track listing:

1). ‘L'Eveil des Morts’ (intro)
2). ‘Le Troubadour Necrophageophile’
3). Le Fléau
4). ‘Necrofistum Prima Nocte’
5). ‘Trolla infectum Phallus’


‘L'Eveil des Morts’ (intro) kicks off this demo tape re-release from French death metallers, Ossuaire  and I can safely say that up until I received this record, I had never heard of them.  It's dark, twisted and very deathly.  The sound is way above that of death metal demo tapes I listened to in the 90's (albeit in MP3 form). Modern technology, eh? The band conjures a distinctly old school atmosphere- right down to the odd snare sound and overdubbed leads. Good quality death metal this surely is.

‘Le Troubadour Necrophageophile’ is wickedly fast with its blast beats and veritable maelstrom of noise.  Le Fleau’ follows a sound effect laden outro with chugging fury. This is great stuff- real death like early Morbid Angel, perhaps, with more unusual reference points such as early Samael (to my ears, anyway). The tempo is kept in check and the track brings real menace and grinding fury to proceedings.

‘Necrofistum Prima Nocte’ is an all out assault with thrashing riffs and tank-like rolling bass drums. The band blasts on this one too, but this is not a tech-death affair. Old school all the way in sound and approach, but the quality is way above what you would expect from a demo.
‘Trolla infectum Phallus’ gives us a horrible song title and an opening that is atonal but almost Deicide like in the vocal pattern and rhythms- great, because I love Deicide!

So, what you get is five tracks of old school, leather clad death metal. Cracking stuff.

Words by: Richard Maw

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