Tuesday 21 June 2016

The Sludgelord Album Stream - "Ambedo" by Battle Path reissued via Wood And Stone Productions June 24th 2016

By: Aaron Pickford

With a seemingly endless playlist of music, is it any wonder that music is often overlooked? For me spotify is not my bag, I don’t stream much music, because I like to have a copy of a record on my turntable or on my phone, above all else, I want to own that shit, however conversely it would be near on impossible to own or listen to every record that drops in our inbox at Sludgelord HQ.   So when Dewar PR offered us a second chance to check out blackened doom metal band Battle Path, we weren’t going to make the same mistake twice.

Coming outta the gates like a synth infused Altar of Plagues, Battle Path have turned in their magnum opus, and whilst “Ambedo” was originally released way back in November 2015 via Inherent Records.  Friday the 24th of June will see the rebirth of this snarling behemoth, rising from its slumber to be committed to cassette tape via Wood and Stone Productions.

Ambedo” is truly epic in scope, inducing a kind of melancholic trance in which you become completely absorbed in every vivid sensory detail, due to the maelstrom of power the record implodes upon your lug holes. So, with a June 24th release date etched into the commandants of doom, we are happy to offer the album in full for your listening pleasure and the band had this to say about the album. 

"Ambedo was created in a very transitional period for the band. Founding member Chase moved away, and shortly after the recording of this record, we lost another founding member, Casey.

These were all amicable splits, but there was definitely a period of adjustment. Chase was an integral writing partner, so it took a minute to find our bearings. After Chase left, we decided not to add another guitarist to fill his shoes, but instead the opportunity arose for a keyboardist. We soon realized the amount of texture that could be added to our sound and we utilized this very quickly. Musically, this record is quite different from our previous two releases, but we do feel it is overall the same vibe that we've always had. We utilized a different sonic palate for this record, but the songs required a different sound. So, we embraced that challenge and just went for it. "

So forget what Nails’ have to say, we want you to be one of us. Listen and learn my friends, because this record is fantastic and will have you tape trading with your friends like its 1985.


“Ambedo” CS//DD//LP track listing:

1). Raging Host
2). A Thirst For Blood
3). Ambedo
4). Ascension
5). Deep Wounds
6). Finis Omnium


Band info: bandcamp || facebook