Thursday, 16 June 2016

The Sludgelord Exclusive Song Premiere - "Maltheist" by Tides of Sulfur

By:  Aaron Pickford

You can’t fail to admire the ascendency of the UK doom scene over the last 5 years, indeed if we extent that scene to incorporate the whole of the British Isles, the scene is perhaps in a better state now than it has ever been,  (Slomatics, I can never leave you out).   

More knowledgeable folks on the scene may scoff at their John Smiths Bitter (Or Brains if your from Wales), over this remark; and perhaps it is longer than that in terms of bands coming through and imprinting themselves upon the underground.  I merely speak from a subjective standpoint given my tenure at The Sludgelord has been roughly that period of time, but what is clear, is that the doom scene is not just some fly by night Nu-Metal fad, there is and has been a veritable smorgasboard of bands that have emerged from the scene, producing superior albums and thus in turn giving our neighbours across the pond and in Europe a run for their money, making their asses clench in the process.  To coin The Sludgelord mission statement, the UK doom scene truly is, attempting liberation through amplification!!

Few could argue that the quality and quantity of bands to emerge have been superior, but the question is, in the words of John Bush is there “Room for One More”. Well if the answer on your lips is  Tides of Sulfur, then it is a resounding “hell fucking yes”.

Emerging from South Wales in 2012, Tides of Sulfur drew upon their influences to create their 'epic death sludge' sound with original drummer Jamie Burston, but was soon replaced by powerhouse Tom Lee (no not that one) and his approach to his craft instantly gave the band freedom to expand on their range of sounds, incorporating aspects of more extreme forms of heavy music such as black metal, grindcore, crust and primitive doom, moulding Tides Of Sulfur into the filth noise merchants they are today.

Since their inception and a variety of short form releases later, most notably a recent split with The Air Turned to Acid, this death-sludge power trio are pleased to announce that they will unleash their full-length debut album “Extinction Curse” on July 15th 2016 via Black Bow Records and whilst I don’t wish to blow steam outta the ass of one band or one individual in particular, Conan, and leader and driving force, Jon Davis are a fine testimony to what the scene is about, dedication to their art, determination to succeed and a willingness to support the scene that supported them.  Certainly the signing of Tides of Sulfur to his own label, further exemplifies Jon Davis’ dedication to champion the best bands the UK has to offer, and make no mistake people, the 7 tracks on offer on Tides of Sulfur’s debut are misanthropic, nihilistic and filthy as fuck, fueled by a disdain of the greedy and morally corrupt, 21st-century human condition.

Today we are absolutely fucking ecstatic to present the first blackened hymn entitled “Malthiest” from an absolute beast of an album “Extinction Curse”. Now “Can you dig it?”

Here is what Tides… had this to say about the track they hand picked for today’s premiere.   

We fancied writing an utterly misanthropic and aggressively negative tune. Started of as an anti religious affair but we'd decided that's been done a fair bit. "What if God is real?" We thought, " What if the religions of the world are partly right but it turned out he was just a sadistic vicious bastard?".It turns out that there's a word for someone who believes that. A Malthiest. 

Pre-orders for the album are available here. Extinction Curse” was recorded and mixed by master craftsman Chris Fielding at Skyhammer Studio and mastered by Today is the Day's Steve Austin.

“Extinction Curse” CD//DD track Listing:
1. Eternal Bleeding
2. ...Of Suffering and Grief
3. Woe To You O Destroyer
4. Malthiest
5. Extinction Curse
6. Iron Fists Shall Rust
7. Year of Pigs

Band info: Facebook