Friday, 3 June 2016

The Sludgelord Video Premiere - "Mand I Sort" by Hjortene

By:  Aaron Pickford

Behold! The Danish master blasters of stoner rock Hjortene are back, armed with a fresh batch of insane riffs but this time they are bringing hardcore/punk legends President Fetch along for the ride.  This unique pairing are set to release a new split LP which will hit the streets on 3rd June and if that was badass enough, it will be released as 500 individually coloured  vinyl’s.  Forget Eurovision, because neither of these bands delivers pussy assed limp dick music.  No,  Hjortene and President Fetch have big ol’ hairy balls when it comes to rockin’ solid in the underground and today we can exclusively present a brand new song from Hjortene entitled “Mand I Sort” which you can check out below 

Mastered by the one and only Flemming Rasmussen (METALLICA) at Sweet Silence Studio,
you can pick up a copy by visiting their  respective bandcamp sites 

Track listing:  


1). MAND I SORT (6:03) 
2). CAYMAN ISLANDS (4:20) 
3). TANTRUM SEX (2:35) 
4). BAD MOON (3:41) 
5). TANTRA (to be continued…) (1:46)

President Fetch:

1). LIKE ALCOHOL (3:25)
2). LEATHER DADDY (4:08)
5). WHERE THE IRON IS (3:53)
6). DEAD HEADS (3:28)