Friday, 24 June 2016

The Sludgelord Presents: Slomatics - "Future Echo Returns" Artwork Reveal, Video Premiere and "Electric Breath" Stream

By: Aaron Pickford

Few bands in my tenure at The Sludgelord have captured by my attention more that today’s featured band, Slomatics.  Having reviewed their eighth release “A Hocht” way back in 2012, their gargantuan riffs coupled with wistful psychedelia truly captivated me.  You may be thinking, “captivated you, that’s a bit strong innit”, however I wholeheartedly stand by those words, because Slomatics have become one of my favourite bands and really, if you don’t know this band, you’ve caught the wrong train my friend.

Following the release “A Hocht” in 2012 and with each subsequent release the band have grown stronger as a unit and with their latest release “Future Echo Returns”, they have created their most intelligent and monolithic record to date, indeed when an album renders you incapable of putting into words how you feel about it, you know you have encountered something incredibly special indeed and to me, “Future Echo Returns’ is exactly that. 

With the release of the record scheduled for September, it would be foolish to keep you waiting that long without tantalising you with more info.  So, today, I am delighted to present a Slomatics triple header, with exclusive Gatefold artwork reveal, “Future Echo Returns” video premiere and their track “Electric Breath” in full and you can check it out below.  

"Future Echo Returns" Gatefold art, by Tony Roberts

Here’s what the band had to say about the video

“We've collaborated with Dermot Falloon before, so when he approached us about doing something for the new record we jumped at the chance. Dermot shares an interest in our thematic approach, and he really let the dark recesses of his imagination run wild this time. His work doesn't so much fill in the blanks with our music, as much as drive it to it’s illogical, twisted, dystopian conclusion”

Now if we’ve still got your attention, here’s track 2 from the album “Electric Breath” in full

Future Echo Returns” will be released on 2nd September via Black Bow Records and can be pre-ordered here

“Future Echo Returns” track listing:

1). Estronomicon
2). Electric Breath
3). In The Grip of Fausto
4). Ritual Beginnings
5). Rat Chariot
6). Super Nothing

7). Into The Eternal 

Band info: facebook