Wednesday 29 June 2016

The Sludgelord Song Premiere - "Needles" by Bleak

By: Aaron Pickford


If you’re anything like me, apart from the constant stream of insulting drivel you receive in your feed, social media is the ultimate resource for new music and today’s featured artist Bleak, was a band that many people made reference too, most notably via our friends from Canada at Exclaim magazine. 
The very name in itself, Bleak, offers a perfect pen picture of what the band offer, which is malevolent, ugly and vitriolic chaos.  Whilst many band rest on their laurels and vomit out records every damn millennia, these rowdy noise terrorists, are set to deliver their second full length in a year, with the release of “No Light, No Tunnel”.
Having debuted the track “Teeth” a few weeks back, which was described as “a violent, random stabbing into the heart of comfort and stability” Today at The Sludgelord, we are gonna torture you with “Needles”, the second and arguably most ferocious track from the album, indeed in terms of the album as a whole, the compositions that make up this cacophonous racket, are as utterly compelling as they are utterly wretched.    
So prepare to be destroyed, because this track is grim, lacking warmth and depressingly miserable.  Your future is Bleak, so enjoy as we perforate your ears with “Needles

No Light, No Tunnel” will be released via Hex Records on LP, CD, and digitally on 8/7/16 and can be ordered here