Wednesday, 15 June 2016

The Sludgelord Video Premiere - "Red Leaves" by Earthship

By: Aaron Pickford

Exercising the right amount of melody with equal amounts of grandiose riffs, Earthship will soon emerge from a their two year recording slumber with the release of their brand new album “Hollowed” on June 24th via Napalm Records. 

Having premiered “Valley of Thorns “a few weeks back, today we couldn’t be more stoked to follow that up with another crushing anthem in the making, with the premiere of “Red Leaves”.  “Hollowed”, will see Earthship charter new musical territory but retain their core sound, which strikes the right balance between the stronger dynamics of bands like Kylesa and Crowbar, with the melodies Alice In ChainsEarthship’s new album remains one of monolithic proportions.  Check out the awesome tune below and dont forget to pre order the album here

 “Hollowed” CD//LP track listing:

1). Reduced to Ashes
2). Hollowed
3). Valley of Thorns
4). Conjured
5). Monolith
6). In Fire's Light
7). In the Arms of Medusa
8). Castle of Sorrow
9). Safeguard of Death
10). Red Leaves
11). The Edge of Time
12). Blood Candy (Bonus Track)
13). The Edge of Time - Acoustic (Bonus Track)

Band info: official || facebook