Thursday, 2 June 2016

The Sludgelord Song Premiere - "Blackened Violet" by Beldam

By:  Aaron Pickford

Hailing from Charlottesville, VA, Beldam meaning a lonesome or malicious old woman, are the architects of the type of punishing sludge that dungeon dwellers beat their victims too whilst flies buzz around the stench rotting flesh, such utterly contemptuous  filth it makes the walls wretch. Formed in 2013 and taking influence from bands ranging from Sleep, EyeHateGod, Graves at Sea and of course the mighty Black Sabbath, their buzz saw guitars and primordial  vocals and lyrics invoking death, will ensure that these merry bunch of bastards ruin your day.

Releasing a five-song self-titled demo through the Hota Rex Records imprint in 2015 (available here), Beldam now signed with the appropriately monikered Horror Pain Gore Death Productions, will release their debut full length, entitled “Still the Wretched Linger” on June 17th.  Today, we have been given access to their library of horror and we hope you’d like to join us to bear witness to “Blackened Violet”.  You have been warned!! 

 “Still the Wretched Linger” is available to ore-order link here

 “Still the Wretched Linger” CD//DD track listing:

1). Needles
2). Blackened Violet
3). The Foundling
4). From Grave to Cradle
5). Salamander
6). Her Unbearing Abyss
7). Beauty’s Martyr

Band info: facebook || bandcamp