Wednesday, 15 June 2016

The Sludgelord Exclusive Premiere: GOD MOTHER | ARTEMIS Split 7"

By: Aaron Pickford

Fans of Black Flag, Converge, The Melvins, Gaza, Rotten Sound rejoice, because on the 16 June, a blistering new release will hit the streets.  Coming at you like a disgruntled vigilante, God Mother, strive to create the heaviest and best noise possible, unleashing 3 lacerating cuts on this new release, leaving listeners broken, following their sudden and instanteous assault to your senses. 

The second perpetrator, on this tag team assault, come armed, brandishing grinding axes. grimy bass lines, pummelling drum beats. Artemis trade in chaotic hardcore, an unrefined and energetic cacophony underpinned with off-kilter fury, showcasing a counter attack the likes of which Converge, The Chariot, The Dillinger Escape Plan, are known for.   Released on limited edition vinyl, this seven inch is resolutely and ashamedly furious.  So sit back and check out this fanastic split in full below. Order your copy via Wooaaargh Records  here

GOD MOTHER | ARTEMIS Split 7" track listing:

1). GOD MOTHER - Between Voids (02:13)
2). GOD MOTHER - Loss (02:34)
3). GOD MOTHER - Passa Dig (01:37)
4). ARTEMIS - Nonentity (02:33)
5). ARTEMIS - Absentees (02:17)