Monday, 20 June 2016

The Sludgelord "Not So Exclusive Exclusive" - "Crown" by Hollow Leg (Full Stream)

By: Aaron Pickford

Yeah officer, I’m busted, take my punk ass to jail man, but don’t take my fucking stash, not the “Crown”. 

What crown you may ask? Only one of the  sludgiest damn records you’ll hear this year, hell Persil won’t erase the grime these filth dealers deliver.  To put it simply this record slays and with our kinda fun title for the article, it reflects that some of you lame asses  haven’t already given this record the attention it deserves.

Released way back on March 4th via Italian premiere sludge dealers Argonauta Records, the gloves are off for one final throw of the dice to ensure that this fucking spectacular record gets the attention it deserves.  So coupled with an advisory sticker stating “The Album most guaranteed to kick your ass”, you can check out “Crown” in full  in our cunningly titled “Not so Exclusive Exclusive Stream”.  You absolutely will not be disappointed, because this record is beast.  

Crown” is  reissued in the USA on 24th June and is available to buy here, as well as artwork and full track listing 

“Crown” CS//DD//LP track listing:

01). Seaquake
02). Coils
03). The Serpent in the Ice
04). Atra
05). Electric Veil
06). Seven Heads
07). New Cult 

Live Rituals

06/21-Burro bar, Jacksonville FL
06/22- Basement, Atlanta GA
06/23 Maywood, Raleigh NC
06/25 Fredrick, MD (Doom Fest)
06/26 Reggies, Wilmington NC

Band info: bandcamp || facebook