Tuesday 6 September 2016

SONG PREMIERE - Albinö Rhino are spreading the "Riff Religion"


Albinö Rhino have been a horizon bending sonic entity since 2010, rising from the ruins of doom in Helsinki.  Initiated to manifest a resonance of lurid smokeless fire by Viljami Väre on drums, Ville Harju on bass & lead vocals and Kimmo Tyni on guitar/moog & lead vocals."  The 13th of September will see the band release a new single entitled "Riff Religion", which is a tribute from the band to the people out there living this heavy sonic culture.
The track will appear on a limited "Total Psychedelic Cassette" compilation which will be released to coincide with the annual "Unta Kauan Part IIII" -mini festival, held in Turku, Finland 23/24.9.2016.
Albinö Rhino will release their track simultaneously, first as a digital "single" on September 13th via Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify etc. and later at some point as a one sided limited 12" and today “Riff Religion” will stream exclusively only at The Sludgelord until the 13th.

Track list for the compilation:

A1. Albinö Rhino – Riff Religion
A2. Multishiva – Monoliitti on Nyrkki (live)
A3. Deep Space Destructors – Journey to the Space Mountain
A4. Kimi Kärki – The Return of the Sorcerer
B1. Truckthor – Kosmodozer
B2. Spear FlowersCold Tower
B3. Kremlin – Crühn
B4. Hazard Wings – Can't Kill the Stowaway Insects

All band are drawn from the Festival line-up and for more info click here

In other news; Svart Records will release a split 12" by Morbid Evils / Albinö Rhino during the last quarter of 2016. To celebrate the occasion, the record will be performed live as a combined show by the bands at another annual downtuned heavy music festival namely  "Blowup Fest 2016", in Helsinki on October 14th-15th for info here.


Finally the 2nd Albinö Rhino album titled "Upholder" is being pressed at the moment, including "Uphold the Light Part 2 & 3".Part 2” was released as a digital pre-release onFeb 2016 and you can check out our review here

Band info: bandcamp || facebook