Wednesday 7 September 2016

SONG PREMIERE: "Fables and Lies" by Yeti on Horseback

Hailing from London, Ontario, Yeti on Horseback live to forge a sound as unique and original as it is lethal and intoxicating. Their misanthropic sludge is laid over a musical foundation of soul-crushing riffs that flow freely from their dedication to all that is heavy. They aim to keep their sound wretched through the annihilating atmosphere and visceral lyrics they inject into every track. 

With their new full-length album “The Great Dying” full of soaring melodies, crushing, enveloping riffs and brutal vocals, “The Great Dying” has got the lot! It's beautifully downtrodden in it's make up and utterly captivating.  Fans should prepare themselves to hear doom metal as they never have before as we premiere “Fables and Lies”, as Yeti on Horseback reinforce their godlessly savage mantra “We Tune Low & Play Slow.” 

The Great Dying” CD//DD track listing:

1. Tree Of Death
2. Viking Mushroom Tea
3. Fables and Lies
4. Lynch (A Prelude)
5. Elephant Man
6. Dragged Down To Hell

Band info: Facebook || bandcamp