Monday 12 September 2016

ALBUM REVIEW: Blues Pills - "Lady In Gold"

By: Dominic Walsh

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 29/07/2016
Label: Nuclear Blast

The second album test has been passed by Blues Pills. It’s more polished and not as raw, but ultimately, this is a great record.

‘Lady In Gold” CD//DD//LP track listing:

1. Lady In Gold (4:31)
2. Little Boy Preacher (3:35)
3. Burned Out (4:33)
4. I Felt A Change (3:57)
5. Gone So Long (4:17)
6. Bad Talkers (3:11)
7. You Gotta Try (3:39)
8. Won't Go Back (3:56)
9. Rejection (3:34)
10. Elements And Things (4:52)

The Review:

Ever since the good folks at The Sludgelord sent me “Devil Woman”, the debut EP from Blues Pills, I've been a fan and loved following the band. In tried and tested cliché fashion, could Blues Pills overcome the difficult second album syndrome?

In short, yes. There are a few things that set “Lady In Gold” back though. Immediately, the production is far more polished and the album lacks the fire that their debut carried. For me, this is a double edged sword; I understand the band wanting to progress in their craft and to make that step up and I feel that they have sacrificed a little in their quest to step up. 

Whilst that sounds very critical, “Lady In Gold” is still a superb record and definitely one that grows with each listen. Elin Larsson’s vocals are still completely amazing. “Gone So Long” sees her vocal range in full flow. The track builds and builds with the guitars and drums pulsing throughout before a fiery solo from the super talented Dorian Sorriaux to end. “Little Boy Preacher” is a soulful slice of rock with angelic backing vocals adding to the sound of the band. The choirs are used again on “Burned Out”. This does give the album more of a retro feel which Blues Pills do pull off so well.

“You Gotta Try” has that blues swagger that has made Blues Pills so popular. Sultry vocals and a filthy guitar line make for a real hip shaker of a tune. Tony Joe White's “Elements And Things” is an absolutely superb, driving cover to close the album. The track has been a part of the bands live set for a while so it's great to hear it committed to record. 

One of the main highlights of the album is the piano based ballad, “I Felt A Change”. It is every inch a hippie style anthem that many a great singer would love to sing. If Adele had recorded this, the music media would swoon. It is a beautiful song that shows the change that Blues Pills have gone for perfectly.

The second album test has been passed by Blues Pills. It’s more polished and not as raw, but ultimately, this is a great record. Live, Blues Pills are an irresistible proposition. Check them out on their tour in support of this album. 

‘Lady In Gold’ is available now

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