Wednesday 21 September 2016

"The Black Sabbathian Supernatural beast" A SLUDGELORD TRACK PREMIERE: "Spore Lord I" by Spore Lord

The Spore Lord is the bastard child of a black sabbathian supernatural beast. It was born and raised in acid washed riffs and fuzz induced fires. Its power lies in the way it weaves listeners into a tapestry of fungus fuelled dreams. You can easily get lost in the grooves of its records. The sounds are slick and tightly composed shifting over growing and glowing landscapes with every breath. It leaves a sludge bathed trail that reeks of sultry bong water. In person its performances create threads of inter-dimensional vibrations that clothe and feed homeless eared vagrants, deafening them into submission with bone crushing towers of amplifiers.  It nurtures these doom inspired thieves. Then lulls them into a false sense of security with enigmatic harmonies right before it churns them into heavy grinding machinery, cranks them out like ground beef and buries them in a medieval bog to grow more mouth watering spores.

It's from the mystical spores of the bog that the debut full length album was crafted under the infamous supervision of producer/engineer Matt Washburn of Ledbelly Sound Studios (Mastodon, Artemis Pyledriver). The LP is set to crush air waves and warm your bones this December 2nd of 2016 and today we have an exclusive premiere of “Spore Lord I” which you can check out below

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