Tuesday 27 September 2016

TRACK PREMIERE: Florida's Junior Bruce unleash the might of the Mjolnir with track "Lapis Philosophorum"

Formed in 2007 and rising like a phoenix from the ashes of notable Floridian heavyweights Bloodlet, the sludge/stoner metal gods of Asgard forged a new warrior, the five piece rock juggernaut Junior Bruce.   
On October 31st 2016 Junior Bruce will release their new album “Endless Descent” via A389 Recordings. The album, which will be their first full-length since their 2012 debut “The Headless King”, sees the band take their sound to a  whole new level and as a result, the band has created one of the best heavy albums of 2016.
Vocalist Scott Angelacos commented that the album's concept is based on "one persons struggle to rescue their one love from the depths of the abyss. In their attempts to open a gateway to the underworld they unwittingly set free upon the earth legions of demons and beasts that ultimately consumes not only their soul, but all of humanity."

Whilst the influence of certain bands may be apparent to some, the delivery of their brand of sludgy rock ‘n roll is uniquely devastating.  Today at The Sludgelord, we are stoked to unleash the first bludgeoning blow from the might of Junior Bruce’s Mjolnir in the form of the track “Lapis Philosophorum” which you can check out below.  The album is available to pre-order here

Band info: facebook || bandcamp