Wednesday 28 September 2016

ALBUM PREMIERE: “Vol. II: Organic Emotions,” by A Constant Knowledge of death

A CONSTANT KNOWLEDGE OF DEATH is a collective from both sides of the United States – from sunny Southern California to chilly Boston, Massachusetts. ACKOD was founded by James Goldmann (Vocals, Drums, Bass, Guitars) and Aaron Gutierrez (Guitars) in 2012 as an outlet for their more experimental metal work, but eventually expanded to include Connor McCullough (Guitars, Bass, Engineering, Mixing, Production) and Mark Rivas (Session Drums). The collective is a labor of love between these four that transcends distance and time to create truly astonishing records that cannot be summed up in one genre.

“Vol. I: Enculturation” was released in November of 2015. The album was met with high praise, with reviewers and listeners alike complimenting the diverse song writing, sonic and vocal styles, ranging from driving progressive metal to ambient electronic instrumentals.

“Vol. II: Organic Emotions,” the new album from ACKOD, takes this even further by expanding their influences into the realms of symphonic metal, acoustic post-rock and sweeping landscapes. Produced and mixed in-house by Connor McCullough, Magnus Lindberg (Cult of Luna, The Ocean) provided his mastering services to make the record truly reach its full potential. Between the destructive guitar riffs, unrelenting drums and piercing lyrics, “Vol. II”sets itself apart as one of the most dynamic records of 2016.

“Vol. II: Organic Emotions” will be released digitally on September 30TH, 2016 and available to order hereYou can stream the album in full below

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