Thursday 1 September 2016

SONG PREMIERE: Hex Volt - "Devour All"


As the old saying goes, two’s company and three is a crowd, with Hex Volt, never has a truer word been spoken and with just four strings, three drums, two men, and one garage, this Arizona double team deliver maximum sonic savagery with minimum mincing about, these guys kick more ass than Van Damme. Drummer Jim Knapp and bassist / vocalist Chris Burns meld punk urgency and abruptness, with sludgy amp-worshipping excess. The resultant mix brings to mind bands like Motorhead, Black Flag, Helmet, and The Melvins.
Since their formation in  2014, Hex Volt have been peeling the paint off walls in every dive bar in Phoenix and released their debut CD “Civilization Upholding Beasts” in late 2015.  Wasting little time since their debut, Hex Volt are set to release their follow-up, “The Best Hex Volt EP Ever”.  The album is a collection of 5 tracks that again assaults your eardrums with an infusion of metal, punk and sludge, but with added benefit of soaring choruses and catchy rhythms. Prepare to be slain, as we premiere Hex Volt's "Devour All"!

Band info: facebook || bandcamp