Sunday 11 September 2016

THE SLUDGELORD PRESENTS: "Thanatos" by Germanic misanthropic ragers Implore


Today, on the 11th day of September, two thousand and sixteen, Implore unleash their new EP “Thanatos”.  Appropriately named after the Greek mythological demon, who was said to be the personification of the death, Implore have created 5 new tracks which are every bit as extreme and vitriolic as we’ve come to expect from these Germanic berserkers.

Petro Manel sheds some light upon this release

“Thanatos” is like a deep breath of fresh air for Implore's sound. It keeps the essence of the brutality in “Depopulation” adding some new details that bring the songs to a new level. The five tracks in this new EP are full of anger and hate, experimenting with new structures, riffs, and vocal lines, keeping the straight-to-the-point philosophy that makes this new 7" a short and intense one”.

So if you’re a fan of Napalm Death, Nasum and Black Breath, you will not want to miss this release via Wooaaargh and Grind Promotion Records  which you can order here. If you need further persuasion check out this blistering release in full with today’s exclusive stream below

Band info: facebook || bandcamp