Monday 11 September 2017

ALBUM PREMIERE: Springfield blackened sludgers Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean deliver blisteringly intense debut “Decay and Other Hopes Against Progress”

Hailing from Springfield, Massachusetts, Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean deliver a blisteringly intense version of sludge doom and are set to release their debut album, “Decay and Other Hopes Against Progress” on 15/9/2017 via through Howling Frequency Records. Despite knowing virtually nothing about the band and precious little info available, who needs words when a band deliver music so utterly fucking devastating, the band literally render you speechless.

Perhaps taking inspiration for their band name from Louisiana sludgers Thou and their track “Fucking Chained To The Bottom Of The Ocean”, this is music wretched to its core, bleak, intense and dissonant , be sure to say your prayers before bedtime because this record won’t just give you nightmares but might just take your soul too.  "Decay and Other Hopes Against Progress" will be released on 15/09/2017 and is available for preorder here and you can listen to this aural depravity in full below.  

Band info: facebook || bandcamp