Thursday 7 September 2017

EP PREMIERE: Brooklyn/Jersey-based sludge noisemakers Thera Roya debut "Masterful Universe"

Since 2011 Brooklyn based Thera Roya have released 7 EP/Splits and 1 full length (Stone & Skin), and continue push their music in different  and creative ways.  A stubborn persistence and fearless confidence to explore different styles in a metal scene too comfortable with black and white, any Thera Roya release can range from depressive to unhinged, ecstatic to contemplative, song by song, album to album.

On September 8th 2017 Thera Roya will release their new EP “Masterful Universe”, a 2 song celestial EP commenting on the hopeless and confused state of the world with an air of nihilistic observation. As the world is figuratively burning, the band decided to hunker down and write an unhinged 7 minute song with one riff “Static Transmission” and a groovy sister track “Confused Population”; complete with samples, other-worldly vocals and sick riffs.  Today ahead of the release, we are streaming “Masterful Universe” in full and you can check it out below

Band info: bandcamp || facebook