Wednesday 13 September 2017

TRACK PREMIERE: YLVA debut crushing sonic leviathan with "Metadata"

What is it about the might of the riff, the fuzz of a distortion pedal and overwhelming volume that continues to move us?  Often simple, sometimes complex but for those that love heavy music particularly, we are unequivocally passionate and devoted it. To the wider populous heavy music is  only perhaps interpreted as noise, and angry noise at best, but like any great art, it is really only appreciated by those who understand it and that leads us nicely onto today’s SLUDGELORD debutants, Melborne, Australia’s YLVA. Drawing influences from a deep well, YLVA have created a fantastically challenging, deeply moving and overwhelmingly crushing sonic leviathan of an album, and further proof that as an art form heavy music continues to be at the forefront of the most innovative and challenging music on the planet.

With riffs driven by sonic slabs of sludge and the back beat of metronomic drums, YLVA have manufactured one of the stand out albums of the year, if you’re a fan of Neurosis, Cult Of Luna, Old Man Gloom and Pelican, get ready to meet the new masters of progressive forward thinking metal, YLVA have arrived and today it give us great pleasure to deliver your first taste, as we premiere “Metadata” lifted from their forthcoming debut "Meta” which is set for release via Pelagic Records on November 17th (preorder here).  Check out this awesome band, like there page and buy there merch.  Bask in the riffs and but prepare to be crushed.  

Band info: facebook || bandcamp