Wednesday 27 September 2017

EXCLUSIVE TRAILER: KADAVAR | Lupus discusses how Witch's self-titled album influenced him

Unless you have been living under a rock or in hibernation for the last seven years, there really is no excuse for you to have missed Berlin based rock overlords Kadavar rising ascendency.  With 3 full lengths under there belts and having notch up thousands of air miles during a hectic touring cycle, this Germanic powerhouse are set to do all again, with the impending release of their fourth record “Rough Times” via metal heavyweight Nuclear Blast   on 29 September 2017.

While Kadavar are certainly not averse to sounding like Aston’s finest, Black Sabbath, on their third album “Berlin” they began to cast their net further into the seas of classic rock incorporating fizzy Stooges style riffs, groove reminiscent of The Who drenched in fuzz and the odd smattering of Hendrix/Cream flavour into proceedings and packed killer chorus’s into the mix which ensured the album was lodged in your brain for weeks.

Kadavar have always seemed to avoid the pitfalls of slavishly recreating the sound of rock legends of yesteryear. Instead they have taken their obvious influences and reassembled them in an exciting new configuration. The sheer exuberance and energy of their delivery, combined with masterful song writing skill, sounds completely vital whilst being unashamedly in thrall to the past. On new album “Rough Times” Kadavar offer yet another example of why they  should be held in the same esteem as their  heroes and be immortalised as masters of their craft by future generations.

Today ahead of the album’s official release on Friday, we offer you another trailer.  Watch below as Lupus discusses how Witch's self-titled album influenced him

Rough Times” will be released on September 29 via Nuclear Blast qnd you can order a copy: here  UK fans can catch Kadavar live:

30.09. London - The Dome, UK
01.10.  Sheffield - HRH Doom vs. Stoner, UK

Band info: facebook